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Times are tough.  Feminism.  It’s nice.  Blah blah blah.  There are so many reasons that us ladies should offer to pay for our respective parts of the bill.  I genuinely think that the guy shouldn’t have to pay for every single meal. It’s sweet when he does, but it definitely shouldn’t be expected all the time.  What about on a first date?

I was out on a double-date last weekend.  I didn’t know the other girl, but our dates were friends.  When the bill came at the end of our meal, my date rushed to pick up our half of the check.  I offered to pay my half, but he declined.  On the other side of the table, the other guy looked at his date and said, “Soooo, how do you want to do this?”   A little embarrassed, the girl immediately grabbed her purse and offered to split their bill.  After we said our goodbyes and left the restaurant, I turned to my date and thanked him for dinner.  “I honestly feel a little bad,” I said, “I should have paid for my half since Ben didn’t pay for Sarah’s.”  “Don’t feel bad, he knows what he’s doing,” my date said.  “What does that mean?”  “It means, he’s not that into her and he wants to see if he can still get her into bed without paying for her dinner.  If not, no big loss, especially since he didn’t have to pay for her dinner.”

Obviously, this isn’t the strategy for every guy.  I’ve found that most guys genuinely want to impress us, or simply be a gentlemen, by paying for dinner on the first date.  What experiences have you had?